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Early initiation of combination antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1-infected newborns can achieve sustained virologic suppression with low frequency of CD4+ T cells carrying HIV in peripheral blood. Bitnun A, Samson L, Chun TW, Kakkar F, Brophy J, Murray D, Justement S, Soudeyns H, Ostrowski M, Mujib S, Harrigan PR, Kim J, Sandstrom P, Read SE. Clin Infect Dis. (2014) 59 (7): 1012-1019. (Anglais seulement)


Low but detectable IFN-γ responses against clade-matched HIV-1 peptides in early-treated vertically-infected children with long-term sustained viral suppression. Dieumegard H, Salem Fourati I, Le Campion A, Kakkar F, Brophy J, Samson L, Hawkes M, Read S, Bitnun A, Soudeyns H et l’équipe de recherche EPIC4. Présentation par affiche, IAS Conference 2015, Vancouver, Canada.

Impact of early initiation of combination antiretroviral therapy on measures of virus in peripheral blood of vertically HIV-1-infected children. Présentation orale,  IAS Conference 2014, Melbourne, Australie  (Anglais seulement)